Create A Wow Factor With Your Wedding Decoration

When your beau bent down on his knee and uttered that one line that you’ve always wanted to hear from him, images of a gorgeous wedding flashed before your eyes. For a moment there, your future spouse was worried that the pause meant a “no.” What he didn’t know was you were already conjuring thoughts about the wedding even before you could say yes. When you finally snapped back to reality and let out a sweet “yes,” you and your beloved sealed it with a kiss and a hug.

Now that you’re already planning the wedding, you want nothing but to make it extraordinarily special. After all, it’s the start of your new life together and you both want to celebrate it with a bang. To help achieve that, consider these impressive wedding decoration ideas that are sure to create a wow factor among your guests.

Personalized Wedding Aisle Runners
The aisle runner is one of the primary details of the ceremony decoration. And you just don’t want something that’s only beautiful. You want something that’s pleasing for the eyes as well as unique in personality. Create the picture perfect look with a personalized wedding aisle runner like the “always & forever” wedding aisle runner or the regal monogram personalized aisle runner.

Unity Candles
A wedding will not be complete without candles. They’re not only used as décor but also as an integral part of the wedding ceremony. One of the most important candles to have during this event is the unity candle. You’ll be glad that there is a great number of unity candle styles that can fit whatever wedding theme you’re having. For example, for a fairy tale themed wedding, make use of the personalized happily ever after wedding unity ceremony candle suitable or the princess bride and her prince charming. Other options include Beverly Clark the luxe collection unity candle, honor love cherish personalized unity candle, flower of love in romantic red candles and love bird personalized pillar candles.

Table Centerpieces
When it comes to dressing up the guests’ tables at the reception, your primary focus would be the table centerpieces. It is the focal point of the guests’ tables that attract foremost attention. It’s a good thing that you won’t run out of centerpiece ideas to pick from. Impress the guests with any of the following: “love” plates set, classic round decorative birdcage, mini lanterns with hanger, miniature clear blown glass heart vase, miniature clear acrylic phantom chairs, glass cylinder, and modern decorative birdcage with birds in flight.

Wedding Reception Accessories
Don’t stop with the centerpieces. Continue dressing up the reception venue with reception decor that can leave a lasting impact to the people attending the celebration. Dress up the ceilings, chairs, and walkways with pre-made tulle and ribbon bows with silk rose or colored poly ribbon pull bows. Use the love bird salt and pepper shakers instead of the ordinary ones on the tables of the guests. Light the place up with mini lanterns with hanger or paper lantern luminaries decorations.

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