7 Fun Ideas for Your Wedding Reception

It is true that while the ceremony is the serious and solemn half of the wedding event, the reception on the other hand is the more fun, enjoyable, and relaxed part where you could let your hair down and have a blast with your spouse and all the people close to your hearts. To have a fun-filled reception, here are seven ideas to consider.

1. Give your spouse-to-be a surprise

Your wedding is indeed a special day but you can make it even more memorable by giving your spouse-to-be a surprise that he would never forget. In the middle of the reception program, you can walk into the middle of the stage and then start to serenade him with a song that has a special meaning for the both of you. Another way to do this is to surprise him during your speech (if you intend to give one). Before you end your speech, hand him a present that is something very precious that he has always wanted.

2. Release butterflies in lieu of doves

Traditions are a big part of weddings but you can make rituals and customs more exciting by adding a different twist to them. For example, instead of releasing white doves, you and your groom can send butterflies flying into the air. This would spell “unique” for your wedding reception.

3. Play the bridal bouquet scavenger hunt

One of the most anticipated parts of the wedding reception is the bridal bouquet tossing. Have more fun with this tradition by playing a game with it instead. For one, you can play the bridal bouquet pass or the more enjoyable bridal bouquet scavenger hunt. In the hunt, you (or some other person you assign) would hide the bouquet in one of the guest’s chairs. Ask the bachelorettes in the house to look for this bouquet. The one who gets the bouquet also gets to win a precious prize.

4. Have a cocktail reception

Cocktail receptions are elegant, unique, and most of all, inexpensive! This type of reception also provides an atmosphere that encourages socialization and mingling.

5. Incorporate photos into the wedding supplies and decoration

Photos add a personal touch to weddings. For one, you can create unique and meaningful table centerpieces with a collection of photographs of you and your groom. Place these photographs in beautiful photo frames and arrange them with flower or candle decorations. Another idea would be to make a scrapbook to be used as the wedding guest book.

6. Top the cake with a funny couple figurine

Funny cake toppers are very popular nowadays. From the cell phone fanatic bride and groom to the gone out shopping bride, you would have lots of fun picking a humorous cake topper for your wedding cake. Guests would surely find this amusing.

7. Distribute disposable cameras to guests

Place disposable cameras on the tables of the guests so you can use these cameras to take photos during the wedding. They can take funny pictures of themselves, candid photos of you and your groom, and unguarded moments that the wedding photographer might have missed.

All these ideas can help make your wedding reception fun and more memorable. But don’t stop here. There are more ideas out there that you can use for your special day. Just open your mind and let your imagination fly!

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