Silver Wedding Favors – Stylish Keepsakes For Your Guests

Very few gifts can shine as brilliantly as silver wedding favors. Classy and elegant, these are the timeless wedding souvenirs you want your guests to appreciate at home or work. Another equally impressive gift is wine wedding favors.

Silver Wedding Favors

Silver is brilliant as a gift. With it shine and classic appearance, silver is one way you can guarantee your wedding favors will always be in style! Silver wedding favors are also exquisitely designed and combine tradition with a contemporary look.

The silver element suits almost any item – from tableware to decorative photo frames, for both the office and home. This is probably why silver wedding favors are the most popular wedding favors around.

The most common and practical silver wedding favor has got to be the photo frame. Today, these frames comes in various shapes, sizes and designs, and do not always hold the conventional solitary photo. Most are in collages of five or more pictures all in one frame. In fact, modern styles of picture frames now have them doubled up with pen or place card holders. These silver photo frames are also not the boring, conventional photo frames you think – many come with delicate design of hearts, rings, flowers, music notes, bells, even city skylines. Their shapes have also evolved from the normal rectangular shapes to heart shapes, circular, oval or even shapes of things like bells, trees and leaves. Now, silver photo frames are so uniquely designed that it is almost a crime to not put them on display!

If photo frames are not your kind of thing, you may want to give silver tableware as wedding favors. Tableware such as matching sets of forks and spoons, measuring spoons, salt and peppers shakers, coffee spoons, coffee scoops, tea infusers and stirrers are now available in exquisite styles and designs befitting a king. These items are beautiful silver wedding favors and will elegantly adorn any table.

More Silver Favors

Other silver wedding favors are semi-practical items like bottle stoppers, bottle openers and key chains. These items are easy enough to custom make to your specific design to fit your wedding theme and made of shining silver, will look both classy and impressive. They are also practical to both you and your guests. For your guests, they will be a useful kitchen or lifestyle tool and for you, they will be generic enough to be appreciated by both male and female alike, which means no headaches and worries about whether or not your wedding favor is indeed suitable.

Even shampoo, perfume or pill bottles can be made of silver – miniature silver bottles look elegant standing in the office or bathroom and are small enough for your guests to cart them around when they need to travel. Just make sure your bottles are not engraved with designs that are too masculine or feminine so they suit everyone.

Smaller versions like name tags and bookmarks are also good options. They are both generic enough to be appreciated by both male and female, young and old. Personalize them by having them made in specific shapes to suit your wedding theme or reflect your personality.

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