Wine Wedding Favors For The Wine Lovers

Aside from silver wedding favors, another unique themed favor is the wine wedding favors. These are wedding souvenirs that are based on wine, wine bottles and anything related to either.

The most obvious example of these is bottle stoppers – which are used to replace the wine bottle corks after opening the bottle. These will be useful when your guests do their own entertaining in the future and your bottle stopper will remind them of your wedding every time it is used. The tops of these bottle stoppers can be designed to suit your theme and can be made of plastic, steel, wood, glass or even precious metals like crystals and silver.

Other wine wedding favors are corkscrew bottle favors. Useful as wine bottle openers, these corkscrews are made to be elegant and comfortable. You can even have three differently sized corkscrews on one favor so they will be three times more useful! Stylish and unique, these corkscrews will stand out as wedding favors anytime of the year.

Of course, the easiest and most practical wine wedding favor would be the bottle opener. Not restricted to just wine bottles, bottle openers can be used for anything and could be cheaper to purchase as well. Get them in any shape and size and remember to engrave them with a little personal note so your favor will not be forgotten so easily.

In contrast to its name, wine wedding favors do not have to be wine colored only or made of steel or silver. In fact, they can be every bit as varied in color and design as any other wedding favor – having bottle stoppers in floral designs of yellow and baby blue or green-colored corkscrews are not unheard of. Your wine wedding favor is as much as reflection of your personality and lifestyle as any other type of wedding favor.

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