Personalize our Wedding Cake with a Monogrammed Top

Monogram cake toppers give you an opportunity to say it your way in your wedding day. Letters perched atop the wedding cake can be used to represent initials or special statements, based on the preferences of the bride and groom. Personalize your wedding cake cutting moment by using special monogrammed cake toppers that match the theme off your big day.

The Center of Attention

After the bride and groom, the wedding cake is the center of attention for all your guests. Everyone will stop by the cake and watch it during the cake cutting ceremony. Cake accents include a specials decorated knife for the cutting, a cake stand, cake jewelry, votive candles and flower petals. Add to the wedding cake décor with customized cake tops that reflect your personality.

If you are having a princess wedding with crystal chandeliers and sparkling accents, jeweled monogram wedding cake toppers, bring the bling to your cake. Add an elegant finish to your wedding cake with brushed silver monograms with crystals. If you have cake jewelry, monograms with crystals are an essential accent. With personalization, your wedding cake will be as dazzling as your jewels in the photos of the cake cutting ceremony.

Classic Accents

Whether your wedding theme is old-fashioned or modern, luxurious or simple, brushed silver tops are the perfect way to top off your wedding cake. Choose from different letter sizes to create various monograms and words for a wedding day statement everyone will see. With literally unlimited combinations, you can truly make a personalized statement on your special day.

Beyond The Wedding Cake

These cake accessories can be used to decorate more than the cake. Add initials or short words to your centerpieces, guest book tables or buffet tables for a signature look throughout your wedding. Using other wedding accessories with matching monograms, you can easily match your wedding cake. Dinner napkins, cake cutting knife sets, ring bearer pillows, wedding programs, table vases and place card holders can all be personalized with your special chosen customization.

Are you having an Oriental theme at your wedding? Consider the traditional script brushed silver Asian double happiness cake top for your cake and other wedding décor. Add a loving touch to cake with Asian double happiness symbols in stylized hearts. Instead of using an Asian bride and groom, the traditional script monogrammed topper are a unique way to offset your Oriental themed wedding.

They can be used to personalize your wedding cake, decorations and tables. You can find them representing all 26 letters and the ampersand (&) symbol so any combination is possible. Put the bride’s new initials and the groom’s initials with an ampersand in between on top of the wedding cake. Add the initials to the centerpieces and tables for a consistent, elegant look. You can even choose smaller letters and write your names down each tier of the wedding cake. Be creative and use your initials and names throughout your wedding décor to personalize the day.

Make a Statement

They can be used to create words as well as initials or names. Be creative and find a catchy phrase to display on your wedding cake and table. You can even use simple statements, such as “I Do” or “Love” on your wedding cake and tables. Display several different statements to grab your guests’ attention. Designate your guest book table or buffet table with elegant silver letters so it is easy for your guests to find their way around your wedding reception. Do you have a favorite hobby or pursuit such as golfing, shopping or fishing? Spell it out on your wedding day with these unique cake decorations.

There are many benefits to using a cake top. When you choose a traditional bride and groom topper, everyone starts to compare you to the people on your wedding cake. After a few hours, the comical references can get really old! Even if you match yourselves closely, it is difficult to find an exact replica. Monograms are universal and you will never be compared to the letters. They match any wedding theme making them an ideal choice. Whether your guests are formal, casual, funny or serious, they are always appropriate.

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