An Affair of Seasonal Wedding Wonder

Is there anything more special or memorable than a winter wedding theme, complete with a crisp blanket of snow, fluffy falling snowflakes and glistening ice? Whether you hold your wedding indoors or out, you can easily put together a winter wedding theme, and create your own winter wonderland.

You might be happy (and relieved) to know that not only is a seasonal wedding theme a spectacular and dramatic event that you are your guests will remember forever, but it can also be very economical. Since most weddings take place in the warmer seasons, it can be substantially easier to book the best wedding and reception locations and a lot cheaper too! This means that your wedding budget can be stretched much farther in the winter months than in the spring or summer.

Furthermore, lots of wedding supply stores have big sales during the times that are traditionally considered ‘off season’, specifically winter. Splurge a little more on your wedding dress, wedding favors or the reception dinner since you will be saving money on other aspects of your wedding planning. Better yet, use the extra savings for an extra long honeymoon somewhere warm and tropical, after your winter wedding theme affair.

For a true winter wedding theme, hold your wedding ceremony outside surrounded by the winter wonders of the season. Make sure you are clear on your wedding invitations that it is an outdoor event so that your guests dress warmly. Your wedding dress can be accessorized by a thick cashmere wrap to keep you warm and long white cashmere gloves. At the wedding ceremony, you might want to give your guests heart shaped hand warmers, and perhaps rent or purchase several outdoor propane heaters to keep everyone toasty warm. Add a few custom-made ice sculptures at the alter for a unique winter wonderland touch.

For a fun day, especially if you are blending two families or there will be a lot of children at your wedding, you might want to have a sledding or skating party reception – complete with steaming hot chocolate and snow cones. Just be sure you have an indoor space available for your elderly guests to enjoy hot coffee and keep warm.

On the other hand, you can be more practical and have your ceremony and reception inside and still have a winter wedding theme. It is easy to carry the winter wonder theme indoors and still make it feel like everyone is outside in the glorious winter air. Snowflake decorations, ice sculptures, crystal icicles and snowflake confetti are all excellent ideas. A little creativity goes a long way when planning a winter themed wedding.

Wedding centerpieces and guest favors that really tell your story (and make your theme very clear) are essentials. Have a display of snowflake-decorated candles in the center of each table. Include snowflake candle holders with tea lights as favors for all your guests. Use the same winter wedding theme, whether it is snowflake themed, winter wonder themed, or ice princess themed, throughout your entire wedding and reception affair. When you decide you use a theme for your wedding day, it is important to go for it 110%. In a nutshell, it is a ‘go big or go home’ moment when more is definitely more.

With a winter wedding theme, you can even choose to decorate with evergreen and Christmas trees, especially if your wedding day is close to the holidays. A nice touch would be to give each wedding guest a silver plated friendship ornament for his or her Christmas tree, and it will be a continual reminder of your wedding day each year when your guests decorate their own Christmas tree.

Glacier blue is a wonderful accent color for a wedding theme; as does sleek sterling silver and silver plate and cut crystal accessories. To take this further, be sure to have opalescent sequins, crystals and rhinestones on your wedding gown, which will catch the candlelight for dramatic effect. Finish off the look with a bridal bouquet of deep red roses that will leap off your white wedding dress, and a white or blue velvet bag.

A seasonal wedding theme is an exceptional way to being your new life together; celebrating with friends and family under the winter sun and surrounded by the mystic of ice, snow and seasonal wonder.

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