What To Consider As Gifts For Your Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

Bridesmaids and groomsmen can be given a Free Day Out gift, like a trip to the nearby spa for a day of pampering or a nice dinner and dancing at a club. If you are planning to get your Maid Of Honor and Best Man something extra, try and do it in private so you will not spoil anyone’s day of pampering with feelings of envy.

Other wedding favors you may have to think about are wedding shower favors. The wedding shower is sometimes known as the bridal shower and is a party given to the perspective bride before her wedding. Usually attended by her closest female friends and family members, this is a time when she receives her wedding presents to start off her new life with her husband. When throwing one, it is customary for the future bride to present her guests with a wedding shower favor.

Some wedding shower favors to consider are mini drawstring bags with chocolate, cookies and candy in them, personalized mint tins, gourmet tea or coffee packets, silk fans and travel candle tins. As you can probably guess by now, wedding shower favors are more informal than the actual wedding favors. Some very racy brides may even consider giving garter belts and lingerie as their wedding shower favors – sometimes seen as a good luck charm for the singles!

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