Coffee Wedding Favors or Tea Wedding Favors? Say “I Do” to Both

Coffee wedding favors and tea wedding favors are now being regarded as great substitutes for those mugs, photo holders and key chains that are so common already in weddings that the excitement of receiving such have long diminished.

There comes such splendid, joyful and overwhelming moments in someone’s life where the world suddenly blooms with flowers and the skies appear bluer and the sun smiles at you each waking day and laughter follows you everywhere. Such moment of bliss could be no other than your wedding day and all the days that will be involved in preparing for it.

There are plenty of things to plan, to consider, to consult, to review through and through concerning the different aspects that makes up a wedding. From church rehearsals and reception decorations to the wedding gown to the wedding cake, from the choice of foods and drinks down to the invitations and list of wedding participants and invited guests, a wedding is one enormous task where every single detail is as significant as everything else. And that includes the seemingly mundane wedding favors. From the usual bells and miniature mugs and fans to the unique photo holders with sea shells on the borders to personalized favors such as a CD containing the songs used in the ceremony, one would surely not ran out of wedding favors to choose from.

It will not be enough to just merely make mental notes of the wedding favors that you are opting to have. It is recommendable that you write down on a notebook all the possible options that you would like to consider especially if you would be allocating a specific budget for it. You may visit your local bookstores or the library for books that pertains to wedding favors. If you have a connection to the Internet, then go sit by the chair and surf the Web for wedding favor options that seem to be endless.

Unlike before where there were just a dozen or so specialty shops that cater to celebrations such as a wedding, nowadays (hats off again to modern technology), through the amazing speed and vastness of the Internet, a wedding favor that is very well suited to your wedding may just be one click of the mouse away! And don’t you ever forget the growing numbers of hugely talented artists who could produce one-of-a-kind creations that would definitely add glitter to your wedding. Theme weddings are now a hit and many couples-to-be are keen on adapting their own theme. Wedding favors will be there not just to show appreciation for the presence of your dear guests but to add color and life to the theme wedding of your choice.

Coffee Wedding Favours

Now, a few of those wedding favors that are swiftly gaining popularity are the coffee wedding favors due to the many advantages that this kind of wedding souvenir renders. For one, most people are coffee-drinkers if not true blue coffee lovers. Coffee is an extremely popular beverage and there is only a handful out there who doesn’t indulge in coffee. You bet that some might get so excited upon receiving such wedding favor that they might go on and ask for another one! They will certainly enjoy every sip of it thinking that it came as a thank-you gift.

Coffee is a staple drink in the morning and it aids in waking up that still sleepy body of yours. It’s definitely a perfect perk up drink before heading to work, so why not gift your family and friends with something that they could surely benefit from.

Second reason is that you could incorporate your unique personality into your wedding favors by using coffee. Personalize your souvenirs by choosing the most appropriate design to partner with your wedding theme. Be it a church wedding or a garden wedding, a Christmas or Thanksgiving wedding or the more “adventurous” beach wedding, coffee as wedding souvenirs would not disappoint your expectations.

Third reason-and a very good reason at that one-is choosing coffee as your wedding favor would not burn a hole in your pocket. They come at affordable and reasonable prices that are within your budget reach even if you are planning to have a grand wedding.

Tea Wedding Favours

This time, why not also try to be the first few couples to introduce tea wedding favors? Teal also has it s place of honor, so to speak, in the beverage category. For those guests who are “health conscious,” tea would be a fantastic substitute for coffee. You may personalize tea bags by putting your names on them. And good news is, like coffee, tea also comes in a variety of blends so you can guarantee that you could cater to the different tastes and preferences of your guests.

That’s saying “Thank you1″ both in words and deeds!

Now, would you like to have coffee or tea?

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