Unique Wedding Place Card Holders Serve Also As Favors And Table Decor

Beach Wedding Table Decorations with CoralsUsing typical depictions of your wedding may be the kind of thing you want, especially if they are practical, attractive and fun. If it is, then wedding bell place card holders are perfect.

These bells can be on their own, in sets of two or in clumps of three or four. Just like the heart and love place card holders, the placement of the wedding bells is totally up to the designer. They can be above or below the holder, in front or behind, or by its side.

Some wedding bell place card holders feature designs with solid bells at their bases with a wire holder in the middle. These bells can also be at the tops of the holders so they will be just under the items in the holders.

They may even be by their sides so they “frame” the holder as such.The bell can be made of a different material than its holder – for example, if it is a wire place card holder, the bell on it can be made of pewter, wood or plastic. How these two materials blend in one design depends largely on how the overall design is done.

Make your place card holder have a voice by using bells that can actually be rung. These ringing place card holders are fun for both you and your guests, albeit a little noisy, but your wedding will definitely be ringing in your guests’ memories for a long time to come!One of the best things about having a ringing place card holder is that you can actually use your own wedding bell place card holder to catch their attention during the reception!

Wedding Bell Place Holders

Wedding bell place card holders are often made of sterling silver, chrome or brass. These materials are chosen for their shine and their ability to exude class. Place card holders made of these materials also look nicer on any table and can be both placed both in the home and office, which will be practical to your guests. Aside from making sure that the wedding bells on your place card holder are unique, you can also make sure your holders themselves are different from the conventional.

While their main function is to hold notes or photos, place card holders themselves can be very stylishly designed. Some have crosses or rings hanging from a circular-designed holder while others have other equally significant items dangling from their holders.

Splurging on your place card holders will mean you can have your names on them as well. One uncommon type of wedding bell place card holder is the kind that is made of wax. These often double up as candle holders at the bases and place card holder at the tops, with the candle holders made to fit tea light candles. You can include the candles (preferably scented) in your wedding favor so your guests will be able to use them immediately.

Adirondack Chair Place Card Holders

Decorative everyday objects can also double up as place card holders. One very fine example is the Adirondack chair, also known as the lounger or garden chaise. Perfect for informal weddings or those by the beach, mini Adirondack chair place card holders make cute decorative wedding favors. They are also versatile enough in design to double up as candle or tea light holders, which will be very practical for outdoor receptions where lighting is limited. Lighting them up will also add a romantic touch to the table setting.

Adirondack chair place card holders are normally white in color, as white is the easiest to blend with almost any other wedding décor color. However, there are mini Adirondacks in other shades that are chosen to match the wedding décor.

Holders incorporating the Adirondack chair evoke a sense of relaxation and rest, which is perfect if you have a wedding at a resort, park, beach or any other outdoor setting. It will also be an interesting discussion piece for your guests for any embarrassingly stilted conversations at the table.

These place card holders are usually made of wood to mimic the actual chairs. Nevertheless, it is possible to find them made of other materials like resin, steel which is made to look like wood and plastic. One thing is for sure – no matter what color they are in, they will always look cute and adorable wherever they are placed.

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