How to Pick the Best Beach Party Favors

beach wedding bottle stopperThrowing a post-wedding party at the beach? Aside from thinking about the booze, music, and food, at the end of the night, what matters is that your guests will have something with them as a reminder of the fun-filled occasion that was your wedding. The best thing about beach weddings is that you have plenty of choices when it comes to wedding favors. If you are personally selecting your beach party favors, here are some things to remember:

  • Choose favors that best represent you as a couple. Selecting wedding favors is similar to choosing a gift for someone. One difference is that you are choosing similar items to be given to those special people who would be attending your wedding. In deciding what wedding favors to give, find those that will best symbolize you as a couple. The favors may not necessarily be images or miniature versions of yourselves. They can be as totally unrelated to you as dolphins or starfishes; the thing is, you have to make sure that when your guests look at these favors, the very first thing that would come to their mind is you or your wedding.
  • Make your wedding favors unique. This is one way of making sure that your guests would remember your wedding day. If you chose glass dolphins as your wedding giveaways, you can make them memorable by incorporating something personal to these items. Some couples choose to engrave their names and the date of the wedding for easier recall. For a more exceptional approach, you may house the dolphin in a glass aquarium, and fill it with some sand and rocks. It is not enough that you have selected an item for your giveaway. Make them exceptional by adding your personal touch to these items.
  • Match your giveaways to the theme of the occasion. It is a beach wedding so your favors must have something to do with water, beach, or summer. You may try looking for flip flop-shapes key rings or small treasure chests filled with sweets. You can also go practical by giving away small tubes or bottles of sunscreen with a personalized wedding sticker as their label. If you want something elegant, give your guests candleholders with shells as decors. You can go funky, formal, casual, or practical with your wedding favors but make sure to match these with your theme.
  • Do not go for generic. Kids and teenagers may not appreciate what is applicable for adults. If you are having an adult-only party, you do not need to consider this but if your guests would range from babies to grandparents, you may want to vary your wedding favors accordingly. Beaded necklaces for girls, tequila for women, and buckets for kids are some of the items that you may wish to consider.
  • Make sure your favors are almost in the same price range. This may be a little difficult especially because you have to consider the age bracket of your guests. This is just one way of preventing people‚Äôs feelings to get hurt, for there are guests who really look into the items that are given to them, whether they are more expensive than what was given to the other person.
  • Be creative. You are having a non-conventional type of wedding and this gives you the license to pick up almost anything that you can possible think of for your wedding. Go for not-so-ordinary wedding favors. They may cost a little higher than your typical wine gifts for instance but in the end, if your goal is to make your wedding as memorable as you want to be, the price is worth it.
  • Research. Most couples, because of the many priorities that they are juggling while preparing for the wedding, do not have much time searching around for the best pieces. Do not just go with one supplier. You can find bargains if you do not stick with just one source.

Selecting wedding favors is like finding a gift for someone. During the process of your selection, make sure to keep in mind these tips so that your guests will surely remember your wedding, not only the night after, but for many years as well.

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