Get Married TV – Money Saving Tips!

This video is about adding style to your wedding regardless of your budget. As Colin Cowie states: “there are many ways to throw a wedding without going into debt.” He continues that “true style is about graciousness and confidence, … it means knowing what works and what doesn’t.” So how can you throw a stylish wedding without breaking the bank? First of all, you can cut down the number of your guests, if that is feasable. Darcy Miller from Martha Stewart Weddings advises to get married off season because you can negotiate with vendors and venues. Fridays or Sundays, afternoons, are better, too, if you want to save money. If you have a toast, don’t open up champagne bottles but instead have guests use the wine on the table. How about a dessert or candy table instead of the wedding cake? Or cutting down on huge flower arrangements? Moreover, for the DIY bride, there is so much you can do yourself, from wedding favors to centerpieces, boutonniers, what have you. Find downloadable templates for invites, programs, and more. This is truly a great brainstorming session when you watch this entire video, watch it together with your fiance, it will give you fabulous wedding saving ideas. And don’t think you have to sacrifice your dream by saving money. Watch it now!

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