Celebrate your Engagement in Style

Bridal showers complete with fun wedding shower themes and practical gifts that commemorate the engagement. Legend has it that a rich young woman wanted to marry a poor man, and her father refused to provide a dowry to express his disapproval. In such a case, if the couple was determined to go forward without the lucrative dowry, their prospects starting their marriage were grim… think macaroni and cheese on paper plates with plastic utensils and only one ox in the barn for at least the first year of marriage!

Luckily, the young couple had friends. These friends got together and presented the young couple with practical gifts that they could use to set up their new home. The legend serves as the foundation for the time honored tradition of feting the bride with a party and showering her in wedding shower gifts.

Whether that is hopeful folklore or something that actually took place is anyone’s guess. The important facet of this folklore is that a group of friends got together to celebrate their friend’s good fortune. The modern wedding shower often includes pampering for all, showering the bride-to-be with gifts and wedding shower themes that that emphasize comfort, luxury and the personality of the featured and honored guest.

If the bride is into hiking, a shower outdoors in a scenic setting might be in order. If she is into surfing, a beach theme might be the thing to do. A formal luncheon is appropriate if the bride to be is a more professional and formal person.

Color is also a possibility for wedding shower themes and/or wedding shower gifts. If the bride-to-be loves the color orange, orange colored party favors and gifts will make the day. A spa themed wedding shower is always a huge hit with all in attendance and with the popularity of day spas just about everyone can find a place to celebrate in luxury within an hour’s drive.

The important thing is that the party celebrates the bride-to-be and the theme reflects her taste. The theme should be integrated and coordinated in a way that gets everyone excited about the get together. It makes no sense to have a beach wedding shower theme if the bride-to-be cannot stand the beach.

Any wedding shower is not complete without party bags, loot bags or little take home gifts for the attendees. These should be simple, inexpensive and fun little shower favors that are in keeping with the wedding shower theme. The key is to integrate the bride-to-be and her tastes with the overall theme of the shower.

For instance, if the person in question has a penchant for wine, consider making one of the favors a wine stopper. If she greatly enjoys little mementos, consider giving all the guests diamond favor/place cards or magnet backed aluminum heart photo frames. Your decorations should also mirror your wedding shower theme as well.

Consider personalized napkins that commemorate either the wedding shower or the bride and groom. Another popular decoration if your wedding shower theme is more formal are flower bouquets for tables or candle holders that each guest can take home. Wedding shower themes, decorations and favors are easy to integrate if you tie together the overall wedding shower theme with your featured guests and her likes and dislikes.

Finally, there is the issue of spouses and boyfriends. For many years, wedding showers meant the groom could kick back and enjoy an afternoon to himself. Today, co-ed showers are popular as are showers that celebrate both the bride and groom. Remember, however, that any “mutual approach” sacrifices the concept of the “girls getting together” and takes on a more “party” approach, instead of the ambiance of a ladies afternoon luncheon.

With a little planning and thought, your wedding shower theme can integrate candle wedding favors and theme decorations, and perfectly portray the overall mood you want for the event. Most of all, wedding shower themes should celebrate the bride-to-be. A well planned bridal shower is one of the critical steps to making “her day” memorable, fun and something to talk about for years to come.

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