Choosing Your Wedding Theme Colors Intelligently

Remember that Goth girl in high school? How about that kid who always wore tie-died shirts or brightly colored socks. Color, especially in weddings, can set a mood and can help you make your day extra special.

The Goth girl is remembered because she always wore black or sported bright lipstick or colored hair. The kid who dressed in bright colors will likely be remembered for his choices because they were bold and stood out. Color not only augments, it creates an impression in people’s mind that helps them get in (or out) of a mood.

So how can you ensure that the colors you choose for your wedding collection (, favors or other articles set the mood you are looking to achieve? The answer to that is to use the advice that politicians use when planning public events: Use basic or soft colors as your main themes and darker or bolder colors to augment the primary colors. This is why you often would see a red power tie and a blue suit in the 1980′s or more recently, a blue tie with a grey suit and white shirt.

Politicians figures out a long time ago that certain colorsĀ  give off a certain aura. They use colors to set a mood or appear in a certain light. In the two instances mentioned above, red ties exuded power and authority, while blue ties impressed focus groups as quietly confident and determined.

The same logic applies to your wedding theme colors. You should choose bolder colors to highlight clothes or to make lines or shades appear streamlined. Additionally, your choices of colors should be tailored to your wedding party’s physical appearance. Certain colors make people look pale or grim while other colors obscure fair skin or make darker skin look murky.

Choosing some colors (get inspired with these colors at The Knot)can also help you set he overall theme. The Autumn Splendor Collection, for instance incorporates yellow, brown, orange and green while the Winter Wonder Collection embraces white and dazzling crystal to evoke a sense of a winter wonderland. Match your color theme to your overall wedding theme and you cannot go wrong.

What wedding theme colors you choose can set the entire mood for your day. Sticking to basics is the key. In addition, making sure to use colors in their appropriate roles can make you and your wedding party dazzle all in attendance.

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