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Miniature Metal Pails

So you’re having a Canadian wedding eh? Good for you! Perhaps, you’re a native born Canadian who wants to give honor to her roots on her special day. Or maybe you lived in Canada for quite a long time and have witnessed how beautiful weddings are from this country. It’s also possible that you just admire the Canuck culture, and would like to incorporate this into your wedding. It doesn’t matter which of these is true. What matters is how you can have an exquisite Canadian wedding with the help of these fabulous wedding decoration supplies.

Lights are the main decorative items in your wedding that you just can’t afford to neglect. Whether you’re having it indoors or outdoors, prettify the place with round paper lanterns that give out a romantic glow especially when dusk falls. Dress up the guests’ tables with these cute crystal tea lights. Line the walkway with wedding luminaries. As table centerpiece, make use of the mini lanterns with hanger, which are especially suitable for outdoor weddings or weddings held at the beach.

Ribbons and bows
When it comes to wedding décor that’s beautiful but inexpensive, ribbons and bows top the list. They can turn even the dullest item into one that’s overflowing with grandeur. Drape tulle rolls from one pew to another. Place honeycomb tissue bells hanging from the ceiling just above the heads of the guests. The floral pomander ball made with wood curls can be the alternative if you’re not fond of the honeycomb tissue bells. Personalized ribbons add the final touch to the wedding favor boxes and favor bags. And definitely, you’ll find a lot of uses for the pre-made tulle and ribbon bows with silk rose or the colored poly ribbon pull bows.

Laser die-cuts
Canadians are known for their attention to detail. It’s no wonder they don’t only focus on the big and major decorative elements but also on the smallest ones. Even wine glasses are adorned with intricate pieces of laser die-cut cards. Make your guests go wow with these options: laser expressions peony die cut card, white glazed ceramic reusable place marker, metal leaf shaped card holders with autumn bronze finish, laser expressions small oval baroque frame folded place card, laser expressions Adirondack deck chairs, and laser expressions large oval baroque frame folded signage. These are not ordinary wine glass decors, they can also double as place cards.

Photo backdrops
As you would have noticed, Canadians are fond of photography, which is why photo backdrops can’t be absent in any Canadian wedding. They also make wonderful decoration so it’s like hitting two birds with one stone. Excellent picks for the pics include the love bird damask monogram personalized photo backdrop, classic deco monogram personalized photo backdrop, ornate monogram personalized photo backdrop, regal monogram personalized photo backdrop, rainbow heart personalized photo backdrop, and birds with love pennant personalized photo backdrop.

Don’t you just love looking at these fantastic ideas? Your Canadian wedding will surely be the talk of the town if you incorporate these suggestions into your wedding day.

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Unique Garden Wedding Ideas For The Nature Loving Couple

Garden Wedding Theme FavorsIt’s not a surprise that more and more couples prefer to tie the knot in a garden setting. Aside from the fresh air and splendid views, couples also love being close to nature when they declare their eternal love and commitment for each other. If you’re also thinking of saying your sweet vows in a garden wedding, feel free to get inspiration from these adorable ideas listed below.

Yes, it’s true that decorating a garden location is a cinch. It’s already filled with natural decorations like trees, flowers and greeneries. But you can still prettify the place even more. Start with the garden gazebo. This can be the focal point of the venue, where you and your groom can exchange your vows. Bedeck the gazebo with strings of ribbons, fresh flower blooms, and candles. Position large palms all over the venue and add garden benches not only to serve as additional seats but also as decorative elements. Make use of statues and sculptures as well to add pizzazz to the place.

Food and Drinks
The beautiful surroundings make food and drinks more appetizing and eating a more pleasurable activity. Indulge the tastes of your guests with fresh offerings like meals made with organic items and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. Make dishes more fragrant with herbs and spices. Grilled dishes and pasta are also ideal. Be sure to serve chilled fruit sorbets for healthy and refreshing desserts. As for the drinks, great choices include sweet tea, mint juleps and lemonade.

Every bride wants to look stunning on her wedding day. For a garden wedding, it’s a must to choose a bridal gown that will not only bring out your beauty but would also be comfortable to wear in an outdoor setting. A wide brimmed hat to pair a flowing tube or halter dress would definitely keep all eyes on you. The hat isn’t only an excellent fashion statement, it’s also effective in keeping the sunlight out of your eyes so you can profess your love to your groom without squinting.

Tree Planting Ceremony
A meaningful wedding idea that is especially s for garden weddings is a tree planting ceremony. This act is a symbol of the love and devotion that you cultivate for each other. The tree, meanwhile, will represent luck and fertility. The tree can be planted in the garden location of your wedding or in another place.

With the favors that you give to your guests, you’re giving them a slice of your wedding that would be remembered for a very long time. They’re also a great way of thanking your guests for sharing with you and your groom this wonderful occasion. Best items to give away for a garden wedding include love bird salt & pepper shakers in gift package, miniature metal watering cans, love bird card holders with brushed silver finish, miniature natural bird nests, miniature woven picnic basket, mini lanterns with hanger, miniature clear blown glass heart vase, and cherry blossom hand fans.

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Ideas For Decorating Your Church Wedding Aisle

Decoration For Church AislesAll eyes would be on you when you glide down the aisle on your big day. You’d look radiant not only with your perfect wedding gown, flowing veil and elegant necklace. The backdrop also plays a big role in this, so it’s a must to decorate the aisle perfectly for your big entrance. Not sure how you’re going to do that? You’re in luck, as these wonderful ideas can help you have the dreamy wedding you’ve always wanted.

Cover the aisle with roses

Spread rose petals on the walkway. But don’t stop there. Decorate the side of the aisles with large hurricane vases with floating candles, crystals, and rose petals. That would definitely do it. Be sure to pick rose petal colors that complement the wedding color motif. If you’re going to use roses from your own garden, pick them early in the morning when the blooms are at their freshest.

Use a floral monogrammed banner

This cute décor is perfect for an outdoor setting with many trees. If you’re going to get hitched in the middle of a park, garden or forest, hang these banners in the trees around. The monogram is spelled with silk flowers intertwined to symbolize the union of the couple.

Create a soft glow with paper lanterns

Line the aisles with poles where you can hang paper lanterns. These lanterns will softly illuminate the bride while she walks down the aisle. Decorate the poles with clusters of fresh flower blooms and beautiful silk ribbons to make the walkway even more gorgeous.

Go for a flower-patterned aisle

Skip the usual trick of lining the aisle with flower petals. Use the flower petals on the walkway itself. Don’t just scatter the petals. Create stunning swirly patterns. Finish off the look with two large flower arrangements at the altar.

Line the aisle with candles in paper bags

Put candles inside paper bags and use these to line the aisle. When you finish lighting all the candles inside the paper bags, the aisle would come to life. Just be careful about the candles burning the paper bag. Make sure that you place the candles inside proper candleholders to avoid this from happening.

Adorn with seashells in tall clear vases

If you’re having a beach wedding, the perfect way to prettify the aisle is to stand tall clear vases beside the rows of chairs. Fill these clear vases with seashells and other beach finds like starfish, pebbles and broken corals.

Choose fish bowl and crystal pew decors

Hang in each of the pew a fish bowl filled with different colored crystals for an eye-catching aisle decoration. Use silk ribbons to secure the fish bowls onto the pews. Add silk flower petals to make the fish bowl décor look even classier.

Do not take the fun out of decorating the aisle by going for cliché ideas. It would be great to explore the ones mentioned here so you can have a stunning and unforgettable wedding celebration that people will never forget.

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