Blue and Pink Wedding Table Decoration Ideas

blue and pink heart bottle openersIf you have selected the pink and blue color combination as your wedding day’s motif, then brace yourself for tons of wedding ideas that you could use to make your big day extra special. You may use the colors as accents on your own wedding gown, the invitations, favors, wedding venue decorations and other things connected to the special occasion. Above all, you can opt for a blue and pink theme for your wedding’s grandiose reception.

At the reception, it’s undeniable that the tables are the center of attention, excluding the couple who just got married. To make it very memorable, you must plan your wedding tables very carefully. Guests will be dining, conversing and bonding over the tables during the reception, so it’s just proper for you and your soon-to-be husband to give it your best in providing a magnificent table decoration.

Shades and hues of blue include periwinkle, indigo, navy, cobalt, turquoise, sapphire and teal. If you want to use blue flowers on the decorations, choose delphiniums, hydrangeas and hyacinths. On the other hand, shades and hues of pink include salmon, blush, rose, magenta, fuschia and pastel. Peonies, gerbera daisies, lilies, orchids and roses are among the flowers that bear the color pink. The following is a list of ideas on how to use pink and blue on your wedding table decorations.

  1. If you have a dimmer reception venue, use tea light candles in blue and pink colored glass boxes and place these on each table. Watch your guests feel the dreamy and surreal atmosphere created by your interesting centerpiece. Just don’t forget to provide enough light for them to see their food.
  2. If you’re having a beach wedding, the perfect centerpiece would be large clear glass bowls that are tinted in blue and pink. Fill these with sand and some floating candles. You may also add some shells to complete the beachside effect.
  3. For a touch of romance on the wedding tables, sprinkle rose petals in various shades of pink and blue to complement the overall wedding theme.
  4. When selecting china ware for the reception, opt for the ones with the pink and blue accents.
  5. For added color and style, wrap the chairs with pink and blue organza ribbons adorned with flowers of the same colors.
  6. Use several pink and blue flower vases as the centerpiece on the table. Fill these with the flowers you have chosen for the wedding.
  7. Another centerpiece option is placing a large clear bowl of fresh fruits at the center of the table with produce that matches the overall theme.
  8. Candles ties with pretty ribbons also make magnificent table decorations in a wedding. Select pink and blue candles in varying shades, hues and sizes to create an artistic effect.

There’s really no limitation when it comes to wedding table accessories. You can use your imagination and come up with bright and unique ideas that have never been tried before or improve some traditional concepts. Just make sure that everything you choose is well-coordinated with your wedding’s main theme.

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