How It Works …

Hello Webmaster,

This is a website sponsored by, a membership site for wedding planning. Currently there are 7 certified wedding planners working for our membership site, they are experts in their field and love to write articles on wedding related topics.

If you have a wedding related site, feel free to grab any article for free as long as you keep the source on the bottom of the article intact and link back to us.

It’s that easy:


1. Find an article that you like, or two or three, or even more.

2. Publish it on your site for free.

3. Make sure the article has the source with the link in it.


If you would like unique articles for your wedding related site, we would even get a unique article written for you.

Follow us on Twitter or send an email to jschinwald(at)bridalarticles(dot)ca and we will get back to you within 24 – 48 hours.

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