Decorate Your Wedding Car Together

Wedding car decorations are an essential part of the marriage celebration. After the happy couple exchanges their vows, they are shuttled off to a reception and then to their honeymoon. For each event, the car is decorated so everyone in the world knows the dynamic duo inside just got married. Add to the reverie of your day with fun wedding car decorations to announce your love.

Sometimes your family and friends have a unique catch phrase about you and your partner. Maybe you have a lot to say and can’t find stickers to express all your thoughts. You can write anything you want on your wedding car with a liquid chalk wedding marker. Because the marker is chalk based, it easily wipes off windows and cars with a damp cloth. Of course, this also means a liquid chalk marker will wash off in the rain. For sunny days, you can express any thought you want with a liquid chalk marker, ranging from “Just Married” to “Honeymoon Lovers”.

A bold, colorful sticker announcing your nuptials is a great way to show off your newly married status. Hang a light hearted car decoration stating, “We’ve tied the knot” to let everyone know you just took the plunge.

Decorate Your Rear

The rear end of the get away car for your honeymoon is not complete without a “Just Married” sign. The back of every honeymoon vehicle needs to have a single heart decorative form announcing the couple just got married so everyone knows they are going on their honeymoon for a few days of passion.

No matter which limousine company you choose, there should be no problem using monogram window clings on any window surface. Sophisticated window clings made a classic statement about the wedded couple without damaging any part of the limo. Extra monogram window clings may be used to mark church and reception windows and doors to direct guests.

Get away vehicles can also be a horse-drawn carriage, motorized boat or a hot air balloon as well as a traditional car. No matter which get away vehicle you choose, customized licensed plates can announce the happy couple was just married. Whether you travel by land, air or sea, you can still let everyone know you are on your way to your honeymoon with personalized “Just Married” license plates.

Wonderful Window Clings

Window clings can be placed all over the get away car without causing any damage. Make statements all over the happy couple’s car with expressions such as “Newly Weds” and “Together Forever”. Show where the wedding party is riding with window clings to define their seating area such as “Mother of the Bride” and “Best Man”. Everyone can feel special on their way to your wedding reception with customized wedding clings. Take them off before you leave on your honeymoon and replace them with “Just Married” sentiments.

You can express your desire to get away on your honeymoon before your wedding reception even ends. The cake cutting ceremony is one of the biggest moments during the wedding reception. Add extra flavor to the moment with a customized wedding cake topper featuring a get away bride and groom. When your guests see a honeymoon bound couple in a car cake topper, they will all know the moment you’re waiting for.

Get your get away car all tied up with specialty sinamay mesh rolls, an exciting new decorating materials that turns your vehicle from ordinary into extraordinary in moments. A simple tuck or twist creates decorations and bows for your car that celebrates the excitement of tying the knot. Tie the mesh rolls into iridescent puffs for a whimsical way to head off on your honeymoon that looks better than old tin cans.

Every couple needs fun-loving wedding car decorations to celebrate the joy of starting married life together. Choose wedding car decorations that will make you and everyone who see you smile on the way to your honeymoon.

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Wedding Planning Checklists – What is it that we call a List

Welcome to our video series of the top 20 questions brides ask when planning their wedding.  Juliet may have said:  “What’s in a name? That which we call a rose   By any other name would smell as sweet.”.  Well, I say:  “What’s in a list?  That which we call a list, by any other name would be as useful.”

Ah, you can tell we are getting to the end of our video series.  I’m getting whimsical and quoting Shakespeare!  Well, you may have figured out that today’s video is about LISTS.

Lists need to become your best friend during the wedding planning process.  Start with  getting a bunch of wedding planning checklists.  Take what YOU need from them, and make YOUR list.  You don’t need to do everything on every list.  For example, if you are having an informal wedding in your backyard, you don’t need to book a church—but you might need to book a tent in case it rains.  So takes those lists, and make it YOURS.

Then, you need to find lists that state what the responsibilities are for the bride, groom, MOH, bridesmaids, Bestman, Groomsmen, and parents of the bride and groom.  There are traditional responsibilities for all these people.  They need to know what they are if they are going to do them.  It will make YOUR life a lot easier because they are doing their stuff.  Feel free to add stuff from your list onto their list.  That is what the bridal party is for—to help the bride and the groom with their wedding.

Then, there are the lists that state who traditionally pays for what at the wedding.  You can then approach the parents of the bride and groom, and ask them, based on that list, what they might be willing to pay for.  If you gave them a copy of the list, it will break the ice, and give them a basis from which to start from.  They might just give you a set amount of money, or offer to pay for something from the list.  Whatever you get—be thankful.  Weddings cost a lot of money and everything helps.  It is rare these days that the old traditional list of who pays for what is strictly followed, but it is a nice place to start.

In our online wedding planning membership site, we have extensive lists, which we call SmartBride Action Plans.  Interviewing a caterer?  We have a list of questions to ask.  Need to tell your bridal party what to do?  We have a list for that.  In fact, every module on our membership site consists of an informative, fun video, and a SmartBride Action Plan to get it done.  Information and a to-do list.  No reading and researching.  It’s right there for you.  If you have a question, no problem!  Talk to one of our coaches and get your answers that day.

Wedding planning does not need to be difficult or stressful.  You just need the right tools—information to make smart decisions, and checklists to make sure it is done.

Good luck and congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

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Celebrate the Joy of Getting Married with Unique Ideas

Wedding shower ideas celebrate the joy of love with a gathering of the bride’s family and friends. The best wedding shower ideas reflect the passion of the couple and create a fun environment where everyone has a good time.

The wedding shower is usually held about a month before the wedding date. While in the past it was considered improper for a close family member to hold the wedding shower, today this practice is acceptable. However, often the maid of honor or other close friends of the bride organize the wedding shower. To make sure wedding shower ideas don’t offend the bride, you can talk to her about what she prefers.

Most wedding showers are women-only, although there are some that include men such as family barbecues. Because most wedding showers include just women, often racy games are played during the party. Sometimes the shower is called a stagette party, which may even include an exotic dancer or suggestive presents for the bride, such as skimpy lingerie.

Wedding shower ideas include certain traditional elements. A large chair is decorated for the bride-to-be so she can sit there like a queen and open all her presents. An umbrella may be rented or purchased to display as a wedding shower decoration by the big chair. As the bride opens her presents, the guests create a hat from the bows on the gifts. At the end, the bride has to put on the hat created from her shower gifts and take pictures.

Wedding showers are held in various locations. You can have an informal barbecue in a backyard or beach. For a more formal setting, rent a restaurant for a few hours for the wedding shower. A shower may be held at a house, country club or favorite bar. The wedding shower venue is a place everyone knows the bride-to-be will enjoy.

If you have the wedding shower in a backyard or beach, you can invite as many people as you want. Order hero sandwiches and/or serve hot dishes. Include beer and wine for the guests. Give out thank you flip flop note pads after the shower to everyone attending. The informal vibe will be fun for the bride-to-be who doesn’t like a fuss.

A formal bride-to-be will appreciate the service and ambiance at a restaurant for her wedding shower. This is a benefit for those giving the shower, too, because they don’t have to cook or clean. Have place cards at each seat so the guests know where to sit. Give out elegant favors, such as silver plated wine stoppers. Offer three or four meal choices so everyone eats something they like.

Include games in your wedding shower ideas to get everyone to socialize at the party. Try a variation on Pin the Tail on the Donkey with Pin the Boutonniere on the Groom. Tack up a large picture of the groom and give out flower stickers for everyone to try to pin the groom after they put on a blindfold. Have door prizes at the wedding shower. Each guest writes their name, birthday and anniversary date on a slip of paper. The guest with an anniversary closest to the bride’s wedding date wins the door prize. After the shower, give the bride the slips of paper so she has the birthdays and anniversary dates for everyone she knows.

Along with great wedding shower ideas, encourage everyone to have thoughtful gifts. The bride should register with one or more retail stores so guests can easily purchase items for the shower and wedding. Close family and friends should give the bride-to-be themed accessories for her wedding day such as a personalized toasting set, fancy bridal garter and an elegant cake serving set.

Your wedding shower ideas should include favors for all the guests who attend. Putting out place cards and favors adds a professional feel to any wedding shower location. Novelty light up engagement rings are perfect favors for any type of wedding shower.

Choose personalized wedding shower ideas to show how much you love and support the happy couple.

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Do you Need a Wedding Theme?

Welcome to our video series of the top 20 questions brides ask when planning their wedding.   Our topic today will be Wedding Themes.  I get a lot of questions from brides on how to choose their wedding theme.

First, you do not need to have a wedding theme!  That takes some pressure off, doesn’t it!

So, why do all the bridal magazines and books talk about a wedding theme?  Well, choosing a theme serves two purposes.  First:  a theme is a great way to show your guests a part of your personality as a couple; and second, once you have a theme, it is easier to plan decorations and choose your décor.  Choosing a theme will keep your overall wedding look consistent and focused.

So, a wedding theme should communicate to your guests a part of your personality as a couple?  You might be thinking:  now what am I going to do?  Don’t panic!  This is easy.

Do you and your sweetie have an activity that you share? Do you both have a passion for something unique and different?  Do you have a hobby that you share?  That would make a perfect theme.

But, what if you want a beautiful wedding, and your shared passion is playing card games.  How do you fit that together?  Well, plan your wedding, and accent the décor with small things that share your passion without taking over the design of your wedding.  This can be done through small things like place card holders, or wedding favours that have diamonds, clubs, hearts and spades on them.

If you are having trouble coming up with theme, I suggest you GOOGLE wedding favours and that you GOOGLE wedding cake toppers.  These come in thousands of themes from the really personal like the wedding cake topper of the bride and groom on cell phones, to the more generic like calla lily wedding favours.

You don’t need a theme.  You can share who you are as a couple through picture displays, or other activities at your wedding.  Don’t get bogged down in the “rules” of a wedding theme.  Have fun.  Express yourself.  Do it your way!

Good luck, and congratulations on your upcoming wedding.

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How to Plan a stressless Wedding

You think you know how to plan a wedding until you are engaged and face the prospect yourself. After the first moments of dizzy love after the proposal, you realize you are the star couple of the next wedding. These few simple tips will help you remember how to plan a wedding every step of the way.

First of all, remember to relax. Everything will work out when you are patient and well organized. Keep in mind it is a celebration of love and stay focused on the true meaning of the day. Have a vision of what you want your wedding to be. Discuss your dreams together and wrap your wedding plans around them, whether you both want a Cinderella fantasy day or a destination ceremony in the Caribbean. Start a binder with thoughts, ideas and telephone numbers for prospective vendors.

Choose a date for your wedding so you know the season and timing. Set a realistic budget and stick to it… Make sure your budget is practical and based on actual funds. Write down your budget in a special notebook and plan to spend 10 percent less. By doing this, you will have enough extra money to cover those inevitable unanticipated expenses at the last moment. Write down everything you spend as you go in the designated wedding budget notebook. Maintain a folder with receipts so you can easily reference your expenses and verify deposits. Open a separate bank account designated for wedding expenses to keep yourselves organized. This is also excellent practice for married life together.

Order your wedding rings, as they are a central part of the ceremony. If you want them engraved, decide the sentiments you want to share. Figure out how many people you want to share your special day with. Do you want a small, intimate gathering of your closest friends and family at a posh restaurant? Have you always wanted a wedding with hundreds of guests in a garden setting? Write your guests on paper and start assembling addresses for wedding invitations. This will be the beginning of your telephone book together as a married couple. Choose your wedding attendants so you can ask them as soon as possible to help you with your special day.

Choose a site for your wedding ceremony and reception. Make sure the site is available for your wedding date. Verify the rules, regulations and restrictions at the venue for your ceremony and the reception location. Review menu options so you can serve all your favorites. Select a theme for your wedding day so you can order invitations, thank you cards, decorations and favors that match for a professional feeling throughout every aspect of your day.

Talk to friends and family for recommendations then review various vendors to create a mood on your wedding day. Consider a caterer, clergy, hairdresser, music, entertainment, florist, photographer and video pro to add to the atmosphere and capture moments during your wedding. Make sure to find out the requirements for a marriage license. Sign up with gift registry services so guests know what wedding gifts to purchase.

Attire is another way to create a feeling throughout your wedding day. The bridal gown, veil, shoes and accessories often need to be ordered in advance. Find out about tuxedo rentals for the groom and his attendants. Bridesmaid dresses need to be chosen and ordered based on the color scheme and theme of the day. Remember special outfits for the flower girl and ring bearer, which will often need to be altered as children grow quickly.

Decorations throughout your ceremony location, reception and on the way to the honeymoon bring a celebration everywhere you go. Flowers, a ring bearer pillow, a flower girl basket and pew markers add elegance to your ceremony venue. Centerpieces and wedding favors are expected elements at your wedding tables for your guests to bring home to remember your special day. Remember to select thoughtful gifts for your wedding party. Make sure you have decorations for the getaway car from your reception to the honeymoon.

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Wedding Ideas for Creative Couples

Many celebrities are choosing destination weddings in exotic tropical locations. More couples are planning information, intimate weddings in the Caribbean, Hawaii and other famous warm weather beach areas. The gathering is smaller and the couple can be informal and relaxed, exchanging vows with the sun overhead and the sand between their toes. Wedding ideas for destination marriages include starfish and seashells on all the accessories to bring the beach to every aspect of the day. Give out goodies in mini beach bags as favors for the all the guests.

Wedding ideas are also based on the different seasons. Each season has its own beauty, which is captured by using similarly themed wedding decorations and accessories. Autumn is a lovely tie to have a wedding with a backdrop of colorful leaves. The weather is still pleasant and often couples can get great deals on fall weddings. Autumn splendor accents featuring fall leaves express the essence of the season.

Spring weddings celebrate your new love during the season of new life. The flowers, warmer weather and possibility of summer have everyone in a happy mood. Your spring wedding can include a butterfly release after you exchange your vows. Live butterflies are released into the spring afternoon. Have a garden reception with butterfly decorations and accents. From your toasting set to your cake topper, butterflies should embellish all the decorative elements of your wedding day for a uniform theme.

Winter weddings have a magic all their own with the icy weather, possibility of snowfall and holiday season. Create a winter wonderland with snowflake accessories. Hang snowflakes from the ceiling at the reception. Using a toasting set with snowflakes for a wintry mood. Have the reception at a ski lodge or manor house where guests can look out the window at the snowy ground. Create a comforting ambiance with luminaries at the wedding reception tables and a fireplace with a real fire burning.

Flowers are part of most wedding ideas. Calla lilies are traditional blooms used in weddings along with roses and orchids. Use silk flowers to create lasting centerpieces and bouquets without any fragrance to irritate sensitive people.

Other wedding ideas include your favorite styles and music. A western wedding is a fun way to bring guests of all ages together. Give out cowboy hats to everyone to get them in the spirit of a country wedding. Have a square dance caller to get the crowd moving. Fill glass cylinders shaped like Western boots with candies, nuts and mints on all the reception tables. Use a western themed guest book with a fancy pen for your guests to sign.

Ethnic wedding ideas express heritage or simply décor you and your groom appreciate. A Celtic wedding brings the joy of this lively heritage to any reception. Include Celtic themed accessories for an upbeat feeling. An Oriental theme is both exotic and romantic. Give fans out to your guests and display place cards in silver plated fortune cookies to create an Asian atmosphere.

There are literally hundreds of different wedding ideas to choose from. Discuss your thoughts with your groom, family, maid of honor and friends to see which ones sound the best. Review websites and read magazines to get new wedding ideas. Create fresh wedding ideas of your own for a very original day based on your own unique theme.

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