Wedding Candle Favors – An Expression Of Romance

Wedding candle favors are a delightful way to remind your guests of your special day for years to come. Receiving wedding candle favors at your reception will light up your guests’ day.

Candles, hearts and wine are traditional symbols of romance, making them perfect for your wedding decorations and favors. Candlelight expresses passion, faith and the essence of fire. Lighting a candle can silence a crowd. Bring this power to your reception with thoughtful wedding candle favors.

If you are like most modern couples, you wedding has a theme and color scheme. Candles come in a variety of shapes, fragrances, sizes and designs to compliment any wedding. For example, no matter what the time many brides choose a fairytale wedding. If you decide to be Cinderella for a day, your guests will cherish “Prince Charming” tea lights in their own castle setting gift boxes. A stylish Cinderella bride can give out a wedding gown candle in a designer window gift shop box to show off her discerning taste.

Combine passion symbols and give your guests long stem rose candles in showcase cylinder boxes with ribbons. Flowers and candles are the perfect combination wedding candle favors to express eternal romance. Other traditional flowers at wedding are calla lilies. Match your bouquets with calla lilies wedding candle favors such as hand painted calla lily tea light holders near each place setting. Another attractive option is a scented glass votive with calla lilies.

Bring a fun-loving touch to your wedding candle favors. If you are both referred to as two peas in a pod, give your guests whimsical “Two Peas In A Pod” candles in ivy print boxes. If coffee got you through wedding planning help, give your guests “Express You Love” coffee scented glass and chrome coffee cup candles with an authentic fragrance and appearance.

Choose expressive wedding candle favors to match the season. At a beach or summer wedding, your guests will love being guided to their chairs by Adirondack chair tea light and place card holders that are also wonderful wedding candle favors. For a wedding at sea, give guests “Set Sail” frosted tea light holders. At the opposite end, winter weddings are more wonderful when you give your guests snowflake gel candles as keepsakes of your special day.

Wedding candle favors are a gift all your guests will appreciate and keep to remind them of your big day.

Taper Candle Holders For A Glamorous, Glowing Wedding

Attractive taper candles add a glamorous glow to your wedding ceremony and reception. From unity candle ceremonies to reception centerpieces, taper candle holders play an important role in the festivities and décor on your wedding day.

You can choose candles in a many different colors, shapes, sizes and fragrances. Tea light candles add a little glow wherever you go. Votives are somewhat bigger yet fit into any small space to light the area up. Taper candles are the long, slim candles traditionally displayed on mantels and dining room tables. Pillar candles are large, wide candles that may have multiple wicks. Taper candles are a popular choice with countless options for taper candle holders based on your personal preferences.

Choose taper candles in colors to match your wedding party and theme. Scented candles bring a warm, welcoming feeling to the room unless you have guests with allergies. Create a display with taper candles in different sizes for added eye-catching appeal. Many couples use white or ivory taper candles, which match any wedding venue or theme.

If you choose white taper candles, use traditional silver taper candle holders for a simply elegant look throughout your wedding ceremony and reception. When you display ivory or cream-colored candles, use gold taper candle holders for a luxurious look.

Classic taper candle holders work perfectly for any wedding theme. Because of their simplicity, your guests are drawn to the ambiance of the candlelight rather than the taper candle holders themselves. However, taper candle holders can also be used to create their own glamour. From tall taper candle holders to ones with sparkling adornments, there are many ways to display your favorite tapers.

Your opulent wedding isn’t complete without clear crystal taper candle holders. These crystal candle holders capture the light during your wedding ceremony and reception, sending prisms of color everywhere. Another magnificent option are taper candle holders with dangling crystal designs. The dangling crystals grab the light and send colorful rainbows randomly throughout your wedding location. Ornate taper candle holders in an antique bronze finish are a perfect choice for old-fashioned wedding with fairy tale theme.

Taper candle holders are also used during a unity candle ceremony. After the happy couple exchanges their vows, they may choose to have an optional unity candle ceremony. Two taper candles are used to light a pillar candle, representing the union of two into one. Couples can choose unity candle holders in one piece, with the taper candle holders permanently attached to the pillar candle holder. Unity candle holders also come in three separate pieces. Choose candle holders that will look beautiful at both your wedding and your marital home, because they become lasting keepsakes of this magic moment.

Planning A Wedding The Fun Way


Congratulations you lucky girl! Keep on blushing and walk on cloud nine and be the most beautiful bride the world has ever seen on your grand wedding day. Surprise your family and friends with this fun and practical wedding planning checklist to put you guaranteed right smack in the center of the social calendar, at the fraction of the price. It’s a given would be brides and grooms end up stressed out months in advance, cat fighting on the nitty gritty details but rejoice! Sit back and relax as you read on these practical tips, with the right attitude, planning, strategy and precision to details, your union becomes the solemn and fashionable wedding ceremony the way you always wanted. It’s your wedding so be ahead and on top of it all.

Plan A Year In Advance: When, Where and Who!

Now that your man has asked you to live with him forever and accepted to love him unconditionally, share your passion to your immediate and best friends, their thoughts and ideas would really help make your dream wedding a reality. A simple text message gathering your loved once to an intimate get together at home over lunch or dinner announcing your engagement would be a welcome delight for everyone. They would truly appreciate that you have included them all in your plans. Planning a year or several months in advance is the key to it all as everything shall fall into place once you decide to practice these wedding planning checklist.

Wedding Motif/Style The fun part is choosing the right motif and style that you prefer, depending on your personality as a couple. Is it the white off the shoulder dress draped in a see through veil or that cutting edge sexy number? As you walk down the aisle, visualize how your guests sees you and try to evoke the perfect feeling of euphoria as all eyes anticipate your grand entrance, the choice is endless! Make sure to choose the right color scheme that works for you and your hubby. Pastel or upbeat colors work for a day wedding while dark tones and hues are perfect for that evening reception. Men are perfect in their dapper suits while the bridal entourage must be attired perfectly in synch with the bridal gown. Wedding invitations must be well coordinated as well to suit the style and function, from the engraved letters to the type of paper preferred.

Cuisine And Catering Service

Your wedding venue dictates the type of food that you would prefer to be served, from the Waldorf salad, tenderloin Australian steak to the French wine for the toast. The food accents the ambiance, motif and the venue evoking the solemnity and mood that you wish to impart. Wedding Planners And Budgets Wedding planners or event organizers are professional authorities in different fields of specifications who banded together to help ease tensions shaping all your suggestions and ideas into reality. With today’s technology at your fingertips, a quick type on the search engine Google would give you an instant list of wedding planners in your area to fully help you and answer your queries at their FAQs carefully explained on their websites.

They are your one-stop-shop offering services from securing your wedding license, coordinating with church authorities, ceremonial wedding walk rehearsals, printing of invitations, beauty and makeup photographers, video slide presentations, food catering, honeymoon and hotel accommodation’s of your choice, all within your budget. In recent years these group of dedicated individuals helped many couple’s achieved their dreams from weddings of corporate America, the intimate unions in Asia to the receptions in the medieval courts of Europe, all worked on a specific budget.

Keeping Things On Track

It helps to have a notebook with you at all times, where you can monitor all the progress as it comes. This has been a time and tested method says Valerie Owens of Queens, NY. “I have subscribed to the services of wedding planners in my area, without them my wedding with Will came close to what I have expected all along.” When asked what more can she advice to would be brides and grooms preparing for their wedding day, this she has to say. “Having a handy diary with throughout the planning process, helped with all the details that just popped up that I didn’t, even think about”

For Brides Looking for Contemporary Bridesmaid Gifts

Contemporary bridesmaid gifts appeal to the modern woman on the go. If you want to please your bridal party, choose presents to express your appreciation for their participation in your wedding day. Contemporary gifts are pretty, practical and fit into the fast-paced lifestyle of today’s women.

In today’s constantly moving world, old-fashioned tokens of appreciation may not get much use. The key to successful giving is to choose items that will be useful yet attractive. Bridesmaid gifts are meant to thank your bridal party for all their help and should also be treasured keepsakes. Remember, your bridal party will use them often and remember the part they played in your special day at the same time.

There is a variety of eclectic, exciting options for gifts. Compact mirrors make excellent bridesmaid gifts for woman of all ages and backgrounds. Everyone woman appreciates a handy compact mirror to check out her hair and makeup along the way. Consider engraved options, such as a silver plated heart shaped compact mirror or a silver plated oval compact mirror with sparkling crystals. These compact mirrors can be engraved with the recipient’s name or initials to completely personalize your presents. If you prefer a more affordable option without specialized engraving, silver compact mirrors etched with the word “love” are a simply elegant choice.

Watches make outstanding presents. Time is of the essence in the demanding times we live in. An attractive device that keeps time is a delightful bridesmaid gift for anyone and watches don’t have to be boring or traditional. A digital portable clock with a monogram is a thoughtful give away that easily attached to purses, belts or anywhere its is needed. A travel/desk clock is a handy item to keep at the office to take on vacation. Whenever your bridesmaids glance at their travel clock, they will think your wedding day. Another elegant items to gives your bridesmaids for their offices is a diamond shaped paperweight to add a bit of bling to their in boxes.

Another thoughtful on-the-go gift for your bridesmaids is a jewelry ballpoint pen and heart strap gift set. Your friends can wear this beautiful pen around their necks at home or the office to jot down notes along the way. Another awesome office item is a flip top card case engraved with the recipient’s initials. This convenient card case is a lovely way to carry business cards and will constantly remind the recipient of your wedding.

Making Your Beach Wedding A Tremendous Success

The planning of a successful beach wedding requires detailed knowledge of the beach in question and the local climate. Knowledge of the beach is essential so the best spot to lay the tables, chairs and other wedding decorations like flower standees will not be compromised.

Sand spots that are less stable or prone to sinking should be avoided at all costs so you do not have the embarrassment (or comic relief) of having one of your tables or guests topple over just when you say “I Do”. Knowing the tides – low or high – is also important. You do not want to have to move everything in the middle of the ceremony due to rising waters.

As a safety precaution, lay down a wooden, plywood platform or mat over the sand before you put the chairs and table bearing food on the ground. This helps to stop the chairs and tables from sinking into the sand as they get heavier with guests and food. A canopy or tent always helps even in very fine weather so your guests will always stay cool in the hot sun and shielded from the sudden event of rain.

It also helps protect everyone from possible falling objects like coconuts, bird droppings or leaves from the trees. If the weather is guaranteed to be sunny, beach weddings in a canopy without walls will protect you and your guests while retaining the outdoor feel to the event. A canopy in ivory, white or beige will be a perfect blend to your surroundings while a bolder colored material will really stand out on the beach.

Other things to consider are food arrangements – how to keep the flies away while keeping your food and wedding decorations fresh from being in the sun, and more importantly, from the prying hands of the public who will be curious enough to be watching on the sidelines.

Whether formal or informal, beach weddings are always fun to attend. Just remember to provide your guests with a map for the exact spot where you will be having the ceremony so you do not have to spend time looking for lost, wandering guests.

Choosing Gifts for the Wedding Party

Wedding Party Favors – Gifts For Your Wedding Party

Wedding party favors are just as important as wedding favors themselves. If you’re throwing a wedding shower, make sure you find some really fun wedding shower favors for your guests to bring home.

Gifts For Your Guests

It is not only the bridal couple who is entitled to wedding gifts. In fact, the ones who are just as entitled to them is the wedding party, consisting both sets of parents, bridesmaids and groomsmen, and of course, the Maid Of Honor and Best Man. This special group of people is given gifts as the bridal couple’s way of showing their appreciation for their support and help in the planning and execution of the ceremony and reception.

Wedding party favors are just as important as the wedding favors. And just as you would do a little research for your wedding favors, you would have to do the same when shopping for your wedding party. The easiest, of course, would be to give everyone the same gift. Not only is this convenient for you, it is also the easiest as you will not need to do extensive shopping.

If a generic gift is what you have in mind, a wedding party collage frame may just be the perfect thing. This is basically a photo frame which holds about five pictures in all – one big photo slot in the centre with four around it. Names and “designations” can be engraved under each photo slot to indicate the people in the picture.

For example, under the main centre photo slot, you can engrave your names while the other photo slots will have “Mom & Dad”, “The In-Laws”, “Ladies-In-Waiting” and “Groomsmen” with the appropriate pictures in them. Funnier captions and nicknames can also be used to inject a little bit of fun and comedy. The collage frames makes for really good wedding party favors as they include everyone in the wedding and their significant roles on that day.

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